The Founder

Before Veteran Productions was any more than an idea thrown about during a coffee break, the founder was forging a career as an Officer and Bomb Disposal operator in the British Army.  

After a decade of service alongside some of the most incredible team mates, it was time to drop the title of captain and travel a new path. Videography and editing had always been a passion for Lee and had found its time to shine within the military by creating videos for the Army. During transitioning into civilian life, an opportunity was presented and you can witness for yourself that path by looking through the projects that have become the foundation of Veteran Productions.

About VP


The ethos of VP is there's always an opportunity and solution. This means that we start with the most efficient and effective method of supporting you. This takes the form of 360 Directors. Someone with the experience to help turn your narrative into a motion picture and advise you on how to best achieve this. This is coupled with a so-called down fit so that they can start capturing for your project instantly. From here we can scale up to full project management and shooting teams. You lead the way, we enable.

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Our aim

Not only do people require a video that accurately tells their story, there is the challenge of spreading that story to the right audience. We help provide marketing advice and execution to ensure the you maximise your return of investment because we don't want this to be a one time thing 😉.